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Loan Servicing Software

Even as you read this, AutoPal's team of developers is improving our loan servicing software offering to make running your lending company easier. If you have checked out AutoPal in the past and you think you know what we offer, get ready for the features we have added since your last look. Here are just a few of our current offerings:

Two-way Text Messaging

AutoPal has partnered with Solutions By Text to bring you a two-way text-messaging solution. This will make it possible for you to send out mass textual correspondence with your borrowers. Borrowers' replies will be added to the system notes on the responding borrower's account. This will significantly increase you ability to send your borrowers reminders, and notifications.

Preconfigured Loans

This feature will let you set up specific loans within your system including loan settings, loan amount, interest rate, escrow options, etc. That way, your employees can set up a new loan from one of these templates. This removes the errors that can be created when a new loan is set up and it will significantly decrease the amount of time require when a new loan is set up.

Online Payment Integration

AutoPal provides integrations to let you make payments with debit/credit cards and electronic checks directly in the system. But that's not all, you can set these payments so that they will run automatically. If payments are returned, AutoPal will notify you and your borrowers of the return and reverse the payments inside the system.

PayNearMe Integration

One of the biggest problems that sub-prime lenders face is collecting money from borrowers with no credit cards or bank accounts. Now your borrowers can pay cash at any 7-Eleven in the country using AutoPal's integration with PayNearMe. This will take you from having a few locations that are open during business hours to having thousands of locations nationwide where borrowers can make cash payments 24-7.

Document Storage

With AutoPal, you can attach important loan documents directly to loan accounts. This can help in a myriad of scenarios including closing accounts, collections, keeping track of bankruptcies, audits, and repossession. Now you or your employees can have immediate access to documents whenever you need them without having to dig through company files.

If you want more information on the newest features of AutoPal Software, contact our sales department at 888.725.4495 xtn 303.

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